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Frequently asked questions


Which online class should I choose first?

All of our classes are designed to be taken at your own pace. You will notice that the videos are numbered from #01 - these will always be the very first class and each after this starts to slowly progress or add new moves.

Do you offer classes in person?

Yes!!! We have Boogie Bounce and Burlex Fitness available in Bridport. Head to the classes page for details.

Do you offer any discounts or concessions?

If you attend our in person classes and pay for the Gold Membership, you will have free unlimited access to our online class library. Occasionally we do run offers so stay vtuned to find out when these are available.

How will face to face classes run now?

Make sure to now book your classes to secure your place. Complete your new PARQ HERE Please note the following guidelines for face to face classes: A new PAR-Q will be sent to everyone who books a class (the first time only) to include Covid-19 relevant questions and aid in Track & Trace. You must not attend a class if you have ANY of the symptoms of Covid-19. You must wash your hands immediately before and after attending classes, and if possible, keep a hand sanitiser with you. A hand sanitiser will be available at every class in case you do not have one. Equipment cleaning procedures have been improved and will be carried out before and after every class. Please be aware that you must clear the workout area for cleaning to take place. Classes will be capped at 45 minutes maximum to allow for cleaning procedures. Please be mindful when moving around the room to remain socially distanced from anyone not in your household. You must inform me immediately if you develop symptoms of Covid-19 and have been to classes. We will now exclusively use the fire exit doors to the hall, meaning you won't need to touch any handles or worry about waiting in public areas. Places will be marked and an area for your possessions provided so that movement around the room is minimal. Please only bring absolutely necessary items such as water and your keys. The kitchen will be closed so you will need to ensure you have brought a drink with you for all classes. While I have very much appreciated how helpful you all have been with putting your equipment away, this is now something I will be doing alone to reduce people grouping. Avoid grouping together if you are not from the same households or bubbles. Blue roll will be provided for sweat as towels are not permitted. You will also be provided with sanitising wipes to clean your equipment towards the end of classes. Please arrive on time and be ready to start, with the additional need for one way systems and cleaning this is very important. If you are not able to complete the above PARQ, paper copies will be made available at your first class.

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