I absolutely love community fitness! 

This feedback, and the countless other beautiful messages, texts and reviews I've had over the years literally warm my heart.

I don't run my classes because it makes a lot of money.

I don't run classes because I don't like gyms.

I run classes because I love building communities, being part of communities, and because I genuinely love dance and fitness. I also understand that while I don't dislike gyms, there are MANY people out there who don't want to set foot in one. And that my friends, is totally ok!!

So, because I want to help build this community even more and because I genuinely want to help even more people get fit while having fun, I've decided to do something new.

For ALL of my classes, if you bring a friend, you get your class for free. There are a few conditions but if there was ever a time to get your friends joining in, now is the time.

Now for the boring bit. Conditions are as follows:

- Must be a new attendee who hasn't been to any of my classes before

- If you are on a class pass, it will be carried over so you have an extra week

- They must still contact me to book a place

I would like to thank everyone who enables me to do what I love, and I really do hope so any more of you will come and join us! We have amazing class dynamics and a great Facebook group which you can come and join


See you soon lovelies!

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