October is the BEST month!

Ok Ok!

I admitted a few weeks back that I think October is the best month ever because, well....Halloween and the leaves starting to change. It's beautiful!

But THIS October is just smashing every other month out of the water.

I've already been on training to bring you even more, we had FitJam last weekend which was just EPIC! And even with just 10 days of the month left, we still have so many exciting things happening.

Boogie Bounce starts TONIGHT! Bridport is now the newest home of the ultimate trampoline workout and you have the choice of 3 classes every week, or all 3 if you really want to ;) I'm so excited and I know so many of you are too. If you've booked for Tuesday or Thursday classes, why not share it with your friends and let's get even more people involved. If you haven't, get booking!!! Anyone not booked will not be guaranteed any spaces at classes.

This weekend a few of us Burlex ladies are having a lush night at the Electric Palace for an evening of The Art of Vintage Burlesque. One, I'm super excited to spend some time with some fabulous women outside of class, but two, I'm also super excited that we're getting some burlesque entertainment locally as it's just beautiful!

Next week we have our Burlex Halloween specials. So, all 3 Burlex classes will be having some Halloween tracks thrown in, dress up is optional but encouraged and, rather than paying for class, I'm asking for donations to Fortuneswell Cancer trust. Whether or not you can make it to class, you can also donate here

Also next week you will see me posting a lot about Community Fitness Week which is the following week, starting November 4th. So, again we're making a big show of just how awesome community fitness is (I know a lot of you have told me you wouldn't be going to a gym were it not for these classes), but also can everyone who attends ANY class that week bring along a non-perishable food item? At the end of the week I will then collate everything and be taking it to the food bank at St Mary's in Bridport. Also, grap a selfie or two and don't forget to use the hashtag #fitnessforfood

Let's make Community Fitness Week the ultimate in community support!

If you are or know any other fitness instructors, let them know about the cause too! All community instructors are welcome and encouraged to take part.

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