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Over the last week I've been sharing a few of my thoughts on the benefits of group exercise and personal training. And as every person is different, it means there is no 'one size fits all' to helping you get the results you want.

If we first look at group exercise, a lot of what makes it so effective is the social element. Having a group around you helping to cheer you on, while you're also doing the same for them, injects a tremendous energy into the room. Even me as the instructor can feel it and thrives off it. Some fantastic friendships have been forged thanks to group exercise, which helps results because it makes being motivated even easier when there is genuine pleasure going to classes.

Next we have personal training. Now for some, their goals are more specific, and a Personal Trainer is there not to tell you what to do, but to help you reach your goals in the safest, most time efficient way.

Personal training is much more than just giving you a few exercises to do each week, counting through them and then being done. It's a continual work in progress. The goals may change, the goals may be reached and you may want to move to the next one. Life can happen. Limits may be recognised. All of this is where the expertise of a PT really is worth the money.

Another option is a hybrid of the two; group training programmes but with specific goals. This can be something like a HIIT programme, bodyweight programme, or yoga programme. This enables a person to decide what goals they are looking to achieve, what type of workouts they are wanting to do, but without the price tag of personal training.

With both Personal Training and Group Training, these can be done in person or online. The online route gets you the results you want without needing a gym or any fancy equipment. Train from the comfort of your own home, don't worry about childcare or leaving the dinner unattended, just set aside a little time every week for yourself.

Group exercise however is always much better (in my opinion) in person for the reasons I've listed above. The social and fun element really comes form being surrounded by a group of other women wanting to get fit and have fun too.

So, with the countdown to Christmas being on, make sure you're getting yourself to classes, which you can find here

Boogie Bounce will be coming to Bridport in just a few weeks!

And for anyone who has more specific goals or just wants a more in depth workout, get in touch today for a personal training package which you can find here

The new online programmes will be dropping really soon, so stay tuned in the Facebook group for the launch.

And finally, I'd like to thank you all for coming to classes, being a part of this community and sharing what we do. If you wouldn't mind, I'd really appreciate if you could leave us a Facebook review, a Google review and please do share with your friends and family either by forwarding this email or inviting them to the Facebook group.

Thank you all again, and I'm so looking forward to even more goodness over the next few weeks.

Much love

Heather x

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